Sseguku - Katale P.O.Box 124421-Kampala

About Us


We are East Africa’s Most Creative Film production Company. With fast changing & more Creativity demanding approaches to Film production, we use advanced techniques of computer technology to design, develop, maintain, market, buy, import, export, sell, organize celebrity events, media endorsements, star appearances, corporate launches, entertainment programs, film branding, events management, corporate events, promotions, fashion shows, road shows, festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, electronic media designing, providing online support services for related business, processes and activities and providing information technology support services. 

We are known for production of Television programmes, Television serials, films, news based programmes, current affair programmes, talk shows, chat shows, Advertisements & Tv commercial Films, Game shows and many other entertainment based content programmes in languages all over East Africa and other Regions of the world.

We manage Musicians, copyright, print, re-print, publish, manufacture, copy, distribute, exploit, vend, purchase, obtain on license or otherwise acquire, sell, offer for sale, transfer, grant, license and dispose of, translate, make versions of, dramatize, arrange, adapt, transpose, transcribe, perform, represent, record, produce, reproduce, make or procure the making of any transcription or record, deal in or otherwise use music, musical compositions, numbers and works and literary and dramatic works / property and materials, pictures, photographs, sketching, drawings or the reproductions of any of them and the copyrights thereon in and every form and manner and by any and every method and means, now or hereafter known or in existence, and any and all rights and interests therein and thereto, of every nature and description anywhere in the world.

We buy Scripts from writers around the world, we import foreign films, television and video machinery, apparatus, cameras and other cinematographic equipment and export Ugandan films to foreign countries.